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High Voltage Switches

Behlke high voltage solid state relays are available from High Voltage Connection, U.S. distributor for Behlke.

Description Technology Contacts
Fixed On-Time, General Purpose MOSFET SPST
Fixed On-Time, High di/dt MOSFET SPST
Fixed On-Time, High di/dt, Ultra Fast MOSFET SPST
Fixed On-Time, Low Resistance MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, General Purpose MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, High di/dt MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, Low Coupling Capacitance MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, Low On-Resistance MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, AC Voltage MOSFET SPST
Variable On-Time, General Purpose IGBT SPST
Variable On-Time, General Purpose Thyristor/MCT SPST
Variable On-Time, Push-Pull MOSFET SPDT
Current Depending On-Time SCR SPST


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Behlke High Voltage Switches

Behlke fast, high voltage, solid state switches are available in the U.S. from us. These are the standard in the industry with over 300 standard models are available. These fast high voltage switch ratings range from 500V to 120 kV, with rise times as fast as 1 ns.

Behlke fast switchesCurrents range from microamps to kiloamps, with di/dt's up to 32kA/µs. Galvanic isolation with TTL control input makes these floating high voltage semiconductor stacks easy to use. MOSFET, IGBT, SCR and MCT (MOS controlled thyristor) technologies help make Behlke your best choice for a high voltage solid state switch.

 These versatile switching elements have true relay characters and act as solid state relays. The Behlke product range includes fixed on-time and variable on-time switches. These are versatile switching elements with true relay character. The on-time is controllable by TTL signal. There are negligible dynamic switching losses due to fast transistion time. Behlke switches are protected against overload and voltage reversal. They exhibit excellent dv/dt immunity against HV transients.

HV Switch Technologies

MOSFET, IGBT, SCR and thyristor technologies help make Behlke the world leader in high speed, high voltage relays.


Behlke Distributor

In the U.S., please contact us or request a quote. We can also provide application and selection assistance.

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