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Edal Industries is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom diodes.  Products include power rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, power assemblies, high voltage rectifiers, high voltage diodes and varistors.   We welcome your requests for custom diodes or assemblies.


Power Rectifiers

Bridge Rectifiers

High Voltage Rectifiers

High Voltage Assemblies

Silicon Varistors

PD&E is a major manufacturer of rectifiers, rectifier modules, high-voltage assemblies, voltage regulator modules, power sensors, and solid-state relays. As a full service, custom electronics company with design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities attention to detail is standard procedure. It shows with a Government Quality rating of about 98% over a 10-year period. PD&E Electronics second sourced its competition with improved delivery, better pricing, and equivalent performance on thousands of devices. Since 1967, PD&E Electronics has been a second source to Microsemi, Semtech, Sensitron, Semicon, Varo, HV Components, Sarkes-Tarzian, Erie, NAE, ITT, GE, Westinghouse, IRC and others.

Rectifiers and Rectifier Modules

High Voltage Rectifiers

High Power Rectifiers

Relays, Flashers, & Sensors

Custom Assemblies

Second Source Diodes


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